Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The Great (sorta) Vegetarian Experiment

Just before Christmas last year the wife and I decided that when Lent rolled around in 2010 we would go (mostly) vegetarian for that time. We decided we woud become pescetarians, which is vegetarianism, but we will allow ourselves, dairy, eggs, and very small amounts of fish. Will I stick to this after the observance of Lent? I don't know but I doubt it, animals are pretty damn tasty and I believe if humans were not supposed to eat meat, then why would we have canines and incisors? There only purpose is for the rending and tearing of meat. If we were mean to be true herbivores, then we would have square flat top teeth like a horse. Well enough of my preaching. I believe what I believe, and I believe everyone has the right to believe whatever they want, and that is just peachy with me.

We didn't enter into this as a religeous observance, but more as a way to try new foods, rethink what we eat, modify how we eat, and to see if we learn anything we can apply to our habits after the Lenten season is over.

We are looking to answer several questions for ourselves such as:
  1. Will we miss red meat and chicken?
  2. CAN we do without meat? We have been trained from birth to be carnivores.
  3. Can we get enough daily nutrition to satisfy the bodies needs.
  4. Will we be going hungry? Can a non red meat diet be filling?
  5. Can we learn how to balance health with taste?
  6. Are we being green in our food choices, and if not how can we do so.
I guess we are going to find out!

Among other sources we have read, we are also reading books by vegetarian Chefs such as Tal Brosnan and his book "The Conscious Cook"., and magazines such as Clean Eating, Eating Well, and Vegetarian Times.

Bon Appetit!

Mario Batali, if you are reading this, YOU ARE STILL THE MAN! even if we are vegging out for a while!

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