Monday, April 12, 2010

The end of the experiment, but maybe a new lifetyle

Okay, yes I should be more dilligent at posting but i still trying to get blogging more as a habit.

The end of lent came and went and yes we had a big fat juicy steak, grilled asparagus, and some "potatos en papieollte" (SP?). It was awesome but I could not eat near as much, and portion control was one of my goals. I will warn all those who do a "cleanse" like this, that the first foray into the old food has some gastro effects.

But what did I learn? Well, I learned that I liked meat but I didnt need it to live nor was I going to be deprived of good tasting food. I learned that meat was not the only taste in food. I learned that in abstaining meat, I was also avoiding fast food, and that was huge for me. I learned a new way of cooking (and since I consider myself a pretty damngood cook this was especially hard to swallow), and I had to work with items I never even considered before.

But what was the most important thing I learned? Control. I thought just because 8 years ago I quit smoking (25 yrs/3 packs per day) that I was so tough I knew what self control was.....I didn't. This expermient made me learn a new type of There are so many meat products out there in so many food products you would just never expect!

I found myself more energetic, my belt tightened up a couple of notches, and over all I just felt better in a a way I can't explain. Oh yeah It might help I had the support of a woman that has stuck by me 20 years as well.

So far, I have eaten some meat but I have eased my way into it. I still find myself craving salad,  and I give into that craving. I will eat meat, but I think it will be the exception and not the rule. I wont avoid soups just because it is "chicken based", but I most definately will read the label to see if it has any useful vitamens. Right now....I read EVERY label of everything I buy and I have decided "If in doubt, don't"

This weekend I went to grill out at my best friends house and he made a big point to have a special steak for me and the missus. It was AWESOME, I just couldnt eat much. My belly has shrunk and my weight reflects that. This 5 week experiment resulted in a net loss of 15 pounds, new ideas, and some great new recipes and most importantly, a new perspective.